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Learn how to implement spectrum of care to meet clients where they are at:

Take our Open Door Certificate online course online and earn 6 RACE hours! We have an entire chapter on how spectrum of care works in practice with links to tons of resources, blogs and articles. opendoorconsults.org/veterinary-continuing-education

Check out Dr. Ryane Englar’s book Low-Cost Veterinary Clinical Diagnostics

Join our Facebook group for Veterinarians that Open Door Veterinary Collective supports to network with other veterinarians focusing on access to care:

Check out these blogs and podcasts on spectrum of care:


Discover ways to increase your clinic’s financially friendliness: 

Take our Open Door Certificate online course online and earn 6 RACE hours! We’ll give you concrete steps you can take to increase access and your revenue!

Schedule a 1-on-1 consultation with Open Door where we’ll delve into the specific needs of your practice and help you implement proven business strategies.

Do a free demo with a third party that can help you administer payment plans, so your clients have options to pay over time which can lead to them saying yes to more care:
vetbilling.com, varidi.com

Read our Frontiers article reviewing six years of payment plans. Spoiler alert! 93.1% are repaid: frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fvets.2022.895532/full

Listen to some podcasts focusing on how to increase access opendoorconsults.org/news

Check out these blogs:

Check out these podcasts:

Look at these sites as an example for how to list pricing and their ways to pay page to list other options.

Link Pethelpfinder.org to your website so people can search for regional and national grants to use at your practice if needed.