Financial Triage Training

This one on one training is for all staff who have money conversations.

What Financial Triage Means:

Financial triage is the process of grouping clients into buckets based on their current financial capacity and identifying a payment solution most likely to result in 1) their pet getting the treatment it needs and 2) the clinic getting paid for services without heavily discounting or subsidizing for all clients.

The 3 general buckets into which veterinary clients can be triaged are: 

Financially Solvent

The clients you don't have to worry about!

Financially Illiquid

A majority of clients fall into this category and may also be "financially fragile," "credit invisible" or "credit unscorable"

Financially Insolvent

These are clients who may be unemployed, homeless, or experiencing situational or systemic poverty.

Applying "financial triage" can help clinics better understand what level of affordability they're dealing with so they can match clients with the most appropriate payment solutions. It also helps practices better utilize their pay over time plans, Stay Together or Angel Funds, grants, donor dollars or vouchers to help more people.

What This Training Covers:

  • Tips for making conversations about money less stressful and more natural for staff
  • Practice using sample wording and conversations provided for staff
  • Design of a tailored financial triage plan for your practice so your team knows what options are available and when to use
  • Set up and utilize an Angel Fund
  • Successful usage of pay over time plans without getting burned on payment or carrying large A/R (For staff or clients)
  • Sample resources including a list of national financial aid organizations

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