Social Work Human-Animal Resource Hub

Expanding Access to Resources That Help People and Pets* Live Their Best Lives, Together!


Hello! Are you working with a person who has a pet-related concern – such as finding affordable vet care, temporary crisis pet care, or pet food – and you’re not sure where to go next? You’ve come to the right place!

I’m a licensed clinical social worker and Director of Veterinary Social Work for Open Door; I’m also the lead author of Human-Animal Interaction: A Social Work Guide. We created this hub to help folks find resources to keep families and their pets together, healthy, and thriving!

* A note on terms: Words matter. The term "companion animal" is increasingly used instead of "pet" to refer to the non-human animals we purposefully live and keep company with. "Companion animal" is often used to more explicitly acknowledge the animal as a living being with their own interests, rather than merely a person's property. For the sake of brevity and inclusivity ("pet" is the more widely known and commonly used term), we have chosen to use the word "pet" on our Hub.  We explicitly define "pet" as a non-human animal - with their own interests - who a person (or people) lives and shares companionship with.